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Baking mix (egg mix)
Bakery Mix is used for baking pastries. Thanks to modern technology of receiving egg mixes, this product successfully replaces the commonly used natural eggs, egg powder or liquid egg mass.

The mixture is used in the production of pastries for retail sale as well as for industrial production (for shortbread, hard dough, french cake, cake bottoms (cheesecake, apple cake), various types of yeast cakes (such as sweet buns, yeast pies) wafers. It is also used in the catering industry for dumplings, pasta, noodles, pancakes and frozen cakes.

1 kg of the baking mixture is a substitute of approximately 90-100 eggs.

Not recommended for the production of sponge cakes, spreads and whipping.

For the manufacturing process, the mixture should be treated as natural eggs, in the following proportions: 1 part of baking mixture with 3 parts of warm water.

ATTENTION! Our technologist can adjust dosage of the baking mix to the required recipe.


300 g – Baking Mix
240 g - Pastry Milk by Tiramisu
5500 g - wheat flour
800 g - sugar
800 g - margarine
250 g - yeast
70 g - vanilla sugar or essence with sugar
2500 g - water

- leaven: dissolve Pastry Milk in 1600 g of water, heat up to 40 ̊C, add yeast, 100 grams of sugar, 1000 grams of flour, stir and leave to rise
- the egg mass: mix bakery dissolved in 900 g of water, add sugar and salt, mix all the
- dough: pour the egg mass to the risen leaven, add flour and mix thoroughly, add melted margarine into the dough, stir again and leave to rise.
Apple pie on shortbread bottom

36 g – Baking Mix
1470 g - wheat flour
480 g - powdered sugar
930 g - margarine
20 g - baking powder
108 g - water
1500 g - Ambrosia Pudding Cream
6000 g - roasted apples

- the egg mass: dissolve the bakery mix in water and mix thoroughly
- dough: mix margarine with sugar, add egg mass, flour and baking powder
- the apple mass: mix Ambrosia cream with apples

Spread the apple mass on a pre-baked crusty bottom and sprinkle shortbread crumbs on top.
Producer of concentrates for bakery and confectionery industry.
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